The motor torpedo-boat T56 was built in 1957 in a dockyard in Stockholm. T56 is part of the T42 series that comprises T42 through T56. The main supplier was the Kockums Company in Malmoe, although four ships in the series were built at the Stockholm’s Oerlogsvarv (the naval dockyard in Stockholm).
T56 was in the service of the Royal Swedish Navy until 1973 and was discarded in 1984 and then sold to a private person.
Since December 2003 T56 is owned by the Stiftelsen Motortorpedbaaten T56 (a Trust organisation) and has returned to previous home port 25 kilometres south of Stockholm at the former marine base Gaaloe. The aim of the trust is to keep the ship in its original shape and to distribute knowledge about the historical role of the motor torpedo-boat.
The motor torpedo-boat T56 has the following main characteristics:
· Hull: V-formed bottom
· Over-all length: 23 meters
· Over-all width: 5.9 meters
· Draft: 1.5 meters
· Displacement: 43 tons
· Motors: 3 CRM 18D/SS
· Speed: 48 knots
· Crew: 16 persons
· Weapons:
- 2 torpedoes, 53 centimetres
- 1 canon, Bofors 40 millimetres, model m/36
- 2 machine guns, model m/36
- 57 millimetres flare and chaff rockets
· Radar: PS 631